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Introduction to the blog Q & A

Hopefully the below Q & A will answer any questions about who we are and what we are hoping to achieve.

Q: What's The OX5 Property Blog all about?

A: We have decided to set up The OX5 Property Blog to provide our community with useful property related information, stats, advice and development news.

Q: Who are you?

A: The three contributors, both blogging and vlogging, (video blogging) are Robert Cole, Liam Jones and Alistair Redhouse. The three are currently all senior members of the team at Alistair Redhouse Estate Agents and have their finger on the pulse of the local property goings on. Robert is the Sales Director and has many years experience to draw upon, Liam heads up the AREA lettings and presides over an enormous number of managed properties and Alistair focuses his daily efforts on developing the land and new homes side of the business.

Q: Why would a busy estate agent start a property blog?

A: All three contributors have a unique vantage point, working at the coal face of the property market. This enables us to share information that is both accurate and useful to the residents of Kidlington and surrounding areas.

To ensure that there is no impact on our day to day work, this is strictly an out of hours project, with us writing and posting our blogs and vlogs from home.

Q: How do you get your data and information?

A: We have a number of sources depending upon the content. We analyse data from Land Registry, receive tip on moving and advice from The Guild of Property Professionals, can pull data from our estate agency software and use homeTrack data were applicable too.

Q: How can I get involved?

A: The first thing to do is to subscribe to the blog to start receiving content when it is uploaded to the site. Once you have done that please do email us through the blog with anything you would like us to cover, any local property related information and, importantly, if you would like us to promote a local charity or community project.


I hope that this quick Q & A was useful and please do contact us if you have any additional Q's you would like us to A.

Alistair Redhouse

May 2018


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